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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 6, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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more importantly, the people were living in deplorable living conditions. a baby swing was just one piece in a mountain of garbage pouring out of the two-story garage where police say two women and two children were murdered. >> i will tell you the scene is a very horrific scene. the crime scene is a location that i think that no human being should have been living at this location. >> reporter: police say around 2:45 friday morning, they received a 911 call for an assault. when they arrived, the caller directed them past the main house to the second story of the garage where police believe the victims were living and sleeping. >> there were no toilet facilities, no air conditioning. water was carried from the main home to that building. >> reporter: investigators say the garbage will make searching for d.n.a. and other evidence difficult and called in about 50 recruits and a dump struck from public works to help them sort through
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the debris. police say this is a very quiet street. neighbors never reported any problems so they don't believe social services and other agencies had ever investigated the living conditions. but police say a large number of people, mainly from the congo, were living here and are now being questioned to find out what happened in the garage and why anyone was living there at all. now we did talk to the prince george's county health department. the health officer here about a half-hour ago. he says he came to the scene for two reasons. one to make sure that the scene was safe enough for the police officers working the scene. they're in gloves, bodysuits. they're wearing masks. it's pretty intense scene. he also says they came out to check out the scene in terms of health conditions overall. we did just find out about five minutes ago that the property received one violation in the past. they're looking more into those records as we speak. as of now, there's no motive but they do believe they have persons of interest as the
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police station. in lanham, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> there are a lot of questions with this one. at this point do we know any more information about the victims? were you able to talk to people who were living in the main structure there on that property? >> reporter: it is a very, very quiet street. it seems like most of the neighbors keep to themselves. the house itself we just got a chance to look at it for the first time up close has trees very high on either side. so neighbors probably didn't really know each other that well, at least that's the impression we're getting. in terms of the familiarial relationship between all the people living on the property, they're keeping that close to the chest right now. as soon as we find out more, we'll let you know but the police chief says it does look like it was probably a mother and two children and maybe another female adult. they were both in their late 30s. >> tisha thompson reporting live from lanham. we'll have much more on the news edge at 6:00. thank you. tracking the aftermath of those severe storms. one day later still more than 20,000 people are without power
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right now. most of them are in northern virginia and they are now facing another hot, humid night with no air conditioning. fox 5's beth parker starts our team coverage live in alexandria. hi, beth. >> reporter: hey, laura. i am actually inside a building in the del ray neighborhood n. is a business right along mount vernon avenue. take a look at this right here. that is a functioning air conditioning unit. it is nice and cool in here, but as you said, not necessarily the case in a lot of the residential neighborhoods. again, this is the main business district in del ray. but take a look what happens when you walk outside and get just a block or so away. look down the street here. and you can see it is blocked. in fact, as of this afternoon, the mayor told us that there are 49 streets in alexandria that are still blocked because of the storm. these are the sounds of recovery but battling back is tough. >> it was a jungle. it was a jungle war zone here. >> reporter: matt wasn't home
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when the storm hit. >> i got back from work last night. i checked my phone and i had like five missed calls from my neighbor. i said oh, that's not a good sign. >> reporter: his house is fine. big sigh. his yard is not. big project. there are splintered tree limbs everywhere. part of his fence is crushed. >> if i had a wood burning fireplace, i would be in great shape. >> reporter: his wife and baby boy are in texas visiting family but you might say a part of them is still here since he has no power, he spent part of the day taking the breast milk his wife has pumped intowt of the freezer -- pumped out of the freezer and putting it on ice. >> more valuable than gold. >> reporter: these are the efforts going on all over alexandria. >> the storm produced hurricane force winds and alexandria sustained a direct hit. >> reporter: that's the gw parkway north of old town alexandria. look at the giant wall of dirt. this is the root system of a tree. i am 5'11" tall and you get a sense of how big this is. certainly twice as tall as i
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am. take a look over here around the corner here. you can actually see the tree itself and through the leaves you may be able to see some cars zooming by. it really gives you a sense of how easily it would have been for somebody to be injured here. with no injuries, cleanup is the focus. >> a storm of this magnitude will take days to recover from. the city is working as hard as we can and using every available resource to clean up. but residents must be patient. >> the neighbors and i have been dumping our wood essentially on the sidewalk or on the curb and they've just come by with a backhoe and a dump truck and they've been picking it up. >> reporter: you've been impressed with that? > i've been really been impressed with the city so far. >> reporter: while the city works -- are you supposed come be working today? >> i'm working. eight a different kind of work. >> reporter: fair enough. back out live here in alexandria, you can see these piles of debris that people are pulling out. a woman just dumped some more stuff on that pile in front of her house presumably. you really can't go more than a
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block or two around here without seeing some kind of damage. it turns out that nobody is immune. alexandria mayor bill told us today he has trees down in his yard and his power is out, too. if the mayor is having the same experience, it sounds like everybody is in this together. live in del ray, i'm beth parker. >> great reporting. incredible seeing you next to that tree. it really put it is in perspective. the 49 streets that are blocked, are they giving you any indication when the streets will be open and when the power may be back on? >> reporter: well, laura, i think what you're asking when are those streets going to be reopened. they're working as fast as they k. they have crews that have come in early. they have extra people working over the weekend. they've brought in some folks from a neighboring county to try and get more help, more crews on this thing. they'll get to it as quickly as they can but it's a slow process. a lot of times they have to work with the power company because they don't want to put anybody in danger. by the time you get all those folks together and get things cleared out this is quite a
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project. >> i would just ask about the power. do they know when it will be back on? >> reporter: they'll have some kind of an estimate, a sense of what the power may be on but they're talking maybe as late as sunday for some folks. >> thanks very much. a similar story in parts of prince george's county tonight. people there are dodging and cleaning up down trees and snapped power poles. roby chavez shows us how they're coping with the aftermath of those severe storms. >> reporter: residents here in prince george's county have a mess on their hands. many started cleaning early this morning. the storms may have passed but the danger has not. in fact, take a look up here where this tree has fallen on to the power line and it now just lays on top of that power line. any wind can pull it down. theodore york shire is just one of hundreds of residents assessing the damage. >> i was standing right there looking out. it just snapped off and came over. >> reporter: the violent storms
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blew a huge tree on to his shed. >> i have no idea what the assessment is. the lawnmower, snow blower, generator amongst other things that are in there. >> reporter: so it's a big obstacle. >> yes. >> reporter: katherine matthews, 88 years old, has used to have a clear view if her front porch. a tree blocked the front door. >> within an hour they were finished. >> reporter: i bet you're glad. >> oh, yeah. we can get outside now. >> reporter: all throughout forest heights, the fallen forest is getting cleared away. majestic old trees have been reduced to fire wood and mulch. many are sawing their way through the debris with one goal in mind. >> get the tree cut up and hauled away. we're fortunate it's not a big tree. we don't have much to do.
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>> reporter: mother nature started it and now residents are left cleaning up her mess. many are counting their blessings. >> we just thank god that we're all safe and it didn't hit the house. >> i've never seen -- witnessed anything like that. it was kind of crazy. >> reporter: even though it will be days for all the work to be complete, this neighborhood is in a lot better shape than it was yesterday. >> they're doing a good job. they got a team out here early and started picking up the trees in the street. people were dragging them out and they were picking all that up too. they were doing a good job. >> reporter: many are just ready to put the storms behind them, but they still want to know exactly what kind of storms blew through here with such violent fury. in prince george's county, roby chavez, fox 5 news. taking a look at the latest power outage numbers. dominion virginia is working to restore electricity to more than 15,000 customers in northern virginia. pepco still has about 7,000 customers out and more than 6,000 of those are in prince
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george's county. this is the second storm in just two weeks to cut power to tens of thousands of people and leave them in the dark for days. coming up on the news edge at 6:00, pepco's president explains what takes so long to get that power back up and running. and with two violent storms in as many weeks, some of you are asking what is up with this weather. gary mcgrady is live in the weather center to shed some light on the pattern we're seeing. what's going on? >> part of this i think to be perfectly honest with you is a coincidence. why d.c. has a bull's eye this year i don't know about that. we'll leave that to the research meteorologists to figure that out in the coming years. but this summer we've had a lot of hot and humid area. big areas of low pressure south of us. we have been in that heat and that humidity. to the north it's been cooler and drier and right between the to, there lies the storm track. the last two events that we have had have been storms out ahead of a cold front. so what is happening here is when the cold front gets closer
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to us, it concentrates the heat. it concentrates the moisture. and it draws in some of that drier and cooler air mainly aloft into these storms. and that is what makes for devastating wind coming out of thunderstorms. when you have drier, slightly cooler air aloft, that's when you can get some problems. again, very no reason to know why it's happening right here in the city and happened twice. maybe nothing more than a coincidence. i suspect we'll have more of this to come because heat builds again next week. this next story will have you talking tomorrow. a city government employee forced a 7-year-old girl to shut down her lemonade stand. the problem? no operator's license. we'll have details on this one still ahead tonight. who isn't looking for ways to save a little cash? well, there's a catch. some say online discount sites are actually bad for business. we're going to take a closer
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look coming up. we'll give you the latest on albert hanes worth. is there any -- haynesworth. is there any change in the same old saga? and dan snyder helping 
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. hard to believe it's almost here. the redskins play their first preseason game next friday against the bills. one player battling an injury is hoping to prove himself on
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the field. but day nine at camp first brings an update on you know who. sports director dave feldman live in ashburn. >> reporter: we all know you're talking about albert haynesworth. no practice today. no conditioning test. mike shanahan said hopefully he will keep improving but no difference from yesterday. one thing about a mike shanahan camp, competition is heating up, especially at the wide receiver position where there are a lot of bodies and a lot of people trying to accomplish the same thing. but one guy is falling behind. third year receiver malcolm kelly. he's missed the majority of this week with a hammy injury. he worked hard to recover from surgery and impressed during the '09 preseason. but was demoted in favor of devon thomas who jim zorn didn't like the way he runs his routes. now he has an uphill battle again. >> it's hard. not only hard, it's frustrating more than anything else. you can't be out there, you
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know, trying to win a starting job. but like i said, competition brings the best out of you so once i do get back out there, i'll be ready to roll again. >> reporter: dan snyder was at the park today helping to stuff backpacks for the school supply drive. the partnership between the washington redskins charitable foundation and world vision national capital area is seeking to stuff 1,100 backpacks in the d.c. area and the redskins and dan snyder doing their part. coming up a little later on at 5:45, lindsay murphy will join me. take a look at another wide receiver trying to make his mark. that guy's name is devon thomas. i'm dave feldman. let's go back to you. >> thanks very much. it was indeed another hot one out there for all those people who headed out to training camp to watch the skins today. >> at least the players got to get on the field though, too let's head down to gary mcgrady and find out what we can expect tonight. another hot one. >> reporter: it's been warm today but as anticipated, the humidity has been decreasing
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this afternoon. the dew points have dropped out in the 50s which is always a treat in the summertime. be ready for this weekend because it's going to be nice. temperatures are going to be right around average in the upper 80s but it's going to be very comfortable out there and not too humid. here's a look at this evening. i think it's going to be a pretty good evening. temperatures in be in the middle 80s or so at 7:00. down to the lower 80s at 9:00. 78 at 11:00. and again the humidity continues to drop this evening. so the next couple of nights around here very, very comfortable. and instead of talking about 90s for the weekend, we're talking about 80s for the weekend. how about that. >> we'll take it. >> thank you, gary. there's a brand new online source that's helping connect consume wers some great sales. we're talking half price in some cases. >> but there is a catch. some say those discounts are actually bad for business. >> i had an 11:00 appointment
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and it's 11:30. >> reporter: there is an avalanche of new customers piling into the crystal nail salon in chicago. >> i didn't expect that much. i expected maybe 1,000 or so. >> reporter: instead the owner sold more than 5,100 $28 med occur-manicure deals in one -- pedicure-manicure deals in one day. it was an amazing day. his secret? advertising with, a website that gives individuals group buying power with small businesses. this deal was such a great success that is overwhelmed his business and customers' patience. >> sometimes maybe the companies have to realize when they're getting overbooked and consider that as well. >> i have tried to accommodate everyone. i tried to fit everyone in by the schedule, not to say yes and take everyone in at once.
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i just have to say no to some clients. >> reporter: c.e.o. andrew mason created groupon in november of 2008 and the growing business of the company has created an un imaginable problem in a struggling economy. what do you do when you have too many customers? >> i remember in boston maybe six months ago or so we sold 5,000 groupons for a medi-pedi place and customers couldn't get appointments for six months. we realized we need -- it's not good for something like this to happen. right now we're in your city. soon we'll be in your neighborhood. and it will allow us to control the number of people that are seeing a deal such that they'll -- there will never be should many customers that a business can handle. >> reporter: before the deal starts, groupon works with each business to set a sales business but in this case the salon chose not to set one.
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[ indiscernible ] >> reporter: business owners are trying to find a balance between painting their bottom line and getting repeat business from groupon's success. allison seymour, fox 5 news. just seven years old and hoping to make a little extra cash. so what went wrong? why one city leader pulled the plug on a lemonade stand. that's coming your way at 5:30. we'll be back.
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for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. all this hot weather may want you to dress down and dress more casual but you might want to check with your boss. >> this is wheel of justice. today's topic? lookism at work. can the way you look get you fired? here are some recent cases. a former citibank employeages
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she was fired from her job because she was "too hot." and a bartender at a strip club says she was let go for not, quote, fitting the profile because she got pregnant. >> customers don't want to come in and see a pregnant woman behind the bar. >> reporter: and employees at amber control by and fitch have sued the company because of -- abercrombie & fitch have sued the company because of their so- called look. you can't be hired or fired because of your race, religion, country of origin, nationality, ethnic group, gender, sexuality or disability, but the laws do not cover attractiveness or appearance. >> employers are able to go pretty far in judging your appearance. >> reporter: there are certain so-called industry exceptions that apply to certain types of work. for example, modeling and acting. lower courts have interpreted the laws as permitting employers to apply standards based on appearance as long as
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those rules are applied equally to men and women. >> if a retailer wants to have attractive people as they perceive it, they're entitled to do that, provided that they do not discriminate against someone based on sex, race, national origin, religion and other protected classes. >> reporter: some companies, like america apparel state clearly they're looking for a certain style in their employees. so what can you do if you're the victim of discrimination? don't resign. challenging discrimination is much more difficult if you resign or quit. ask for dismissal reasons in writing. if you think you're being fired or dismissed because of your look, get it in writing. review your employment contract or letter of agreement. look for dress codes and reasons for termination. and keep a diary. write down everything someone has said or done that you think is discriminatory and include
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dates and times. appeal to your employer. many employers have an internal process where you can appeal your termination. if all else fails, file a discrimination charge. an employer cannot fire a worker as retaliation when an investigation is ongoing. bottom line, employers can make rules and policies about their employees' appearances. dress codes and rules on grooming, such as facial hair are common and legal as long as the policies are reasonable and aren't discriminatory. in new york, fox news. new unemployment numbers are out tonight and they're not great, but the president is moving forward with his plan to fix the financial mess. we have the latest next. and blackberry has a new tech toy ready to roll out but can this model compete with the iphone and the droid? keep it right here. fox 5 news at 5:00 is coming right back. .
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a big celebration for the next supreme court justice elena kagan. today president obama host add reception in the east room of the white house to celebrate the senate's confirmation of kay began. when she's sworn in tomorrow, she'll become the nation's 112th justice and only the fourth woman to serve on the supreme court. she's replacing retiring justice john paul stevens. it's not exactly the news the experts hope for as they work to fix the economy. the latest unemployment numbers are out and they didn't change for the month of july. president obama, though, is keeping the focus on the economy and jobs today. chris boswell has the story. >> reporter: the jobless rate remained unchanged in july at 9.5%. the labor department says while companies added 71,000 jobs, that's far below the roughly 200,000 needed each month to reduce the unemployment rate. democrats say the unemployment figures would be much worse without the stimulus plan. >> this recession would have
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been another great depression. without these actions, we would have lost an additional 8.5 million jobs by the end of 2010. >> reporter: republicans say the taxing and spending that's the problem. >> more spending won't create jobs. our message today is that higher taxes won't get anybody hieferred. >> reporter: the stagnant unemployment numbers come as christina romeer, the chair of the white house economic advisors is stepping down. she helped craft the $862 billion economic stimulus package. she co. authored a paper predicting the stimulus would prevent unemployment topping 8%. president obama issued a statement calling her service extraordinary and is keeping the focus on jobs with a visit to a small sign business that has not been forced to lay off workers. >> the fact is we've now added private sector jobs every month this year instead of losing them as we did for the first seven months of last year. >> reporter: her most recent forecast now predicts unemployment will not drop blow 8% until the of 2012.
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her resignation is effective september 3. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. you can save a few bucks shopping in virginia through sunday. the tax free holiday started this morning. if you buy school supplies that cost $20 or less or clothing at $100 or less, you don't have to pay sales tax. this is virginia's fifth annual back-to-school tax free event. you don't have to be shopping to go back to school to take advantage of this deal. it is open to everyone. a 7-year-old oregon girl is heart broken after the city shut down her lemonade stand. the reason? she didn't have a business license. julie murphy set up her stand during an art fair last week but two inspectors showed up and forced her to pack it up because she didn't have a license. now the county is apologizing. >> in these kind of cases you have to exercise discretion and judgment and i don't think a 7- year-old selling lemonade is the biggest public health threat that we're facing as a
5:33 pm
county. >> i think they should really apologize. it's a kid. i mean, the mom, you know, the good old kid with the lemonade stand. that's like america, isn't it? >> the county chairman called the little girl and her mother to apologize. he says the health inspectors were just trying to do their jobs but the rules apply to professional food operators, not little kids. >> an important lesson. >> it's one of those stories that just makes you shake your head. they should give navdimar herrera money back for -- give her her money back for all the money she didn't sell. >> spoken like a true mama. blackberry is hoping to smoke the competition with its latest smartphone called the torch. >> but is it enough to take on the iphone and the droid? >> reporter: back berry is out with its -- blackberry is out with its newest model the torch. >> a lot of people are looking
5:34 pm
for more from blackberry. >> reporter: the new smartphone taking a cue from its competitors like the palm, android and iphone. it feature as tech screen with a slide out keyboard. a camera with flash and a new operating system. >> the big difference here is not just the keyboard but the addsically redesigned -- but they've radically resigned their operating system inspired no doubt by the android system and iphone. >> reporter: many tech experts we spoke with say the new phone is pocket friendly so a bit bigger than other models on the market. >> it's much heavier than the iphone 4 or the latest few android models. any phone with a sliding keyboard will be on the thicker side. >> the screen is bright. it's very beautiful. it's very big as well. so that's good. but the other hardware might not be up to snuff. it's not quite as fast as other phones. >> reporter: the hardware lets users view feeds if multiple
5:35 pm
social networking sites on one page and messages can be blasted to all of them with one entry. >> either pictures you take or messages you have, you'll be able to simultaneously update several accounts with one entry. these phones are going to add value when it comes to communication, when it comes to messaging and that's where blackberry is already strong. >> reporter: for the shoppers market in new york, brenda butner, fox news. >> fox 5 news is always on and we're helping you stay connected. head to to download our brand new apps for the iphone and the droid. toyota's pedal problems prompt add recall for millions of drivers. tonight one man is out of jail and blaming the company for a deadly crash. why he spent more than three years behind bars coming up. how far would you go for your 15 minutes of fame? one man's death defying feat didn't go exactly according to plan. we've got the story coming up next.
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 there's oil out there we've got to capture. my job is to hunt it down.
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i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. bp has taken full responsibility for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. you may have heard that oil is no longer flowing into the gulf, but our spotter planes and helicopters will keep searching for any oil. we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the oil. we're finding less oil every day, but we've still got thousands of vessels ready to clean it up. local shrimp and fishing boats, organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 35 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. as long as there's oil out there that could make it ashore, i'm gonna do everything i can to stop it. bp's commitment is that we will see this through. and we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf.
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a man convicted in a deadly car accident is free tonight after spending three years in prison. he claimed his toyota accelerated out of control. this year's massive toyota recall due to accelerator problems led a judge to grant the man a brand new trial. 's walked out of prison in st. paul, minnesota yesterday, a reporter broke the news that the prosecutor was not going to file new charges so the case against him was over. >> the prosecutor just announced she's not going to press any more charges. >> she did? [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm very happy to see the world again. >> his 1996 camry was not one of the cars recalled by toyota earlier this year. the crash killed a man and two children. the victim's families are
5:40 pm
convinced of his innocence and were part of this effort to free him. they are now suing toyota. the outrageous things some people will do for a moment in the spotlight. take a look at this video. a man in china videotaped himself jumping on to those train tracks hoping the stunt would go viral. his plan was to film the train running over him. instead the train came to a stop. the man ended up telling the train conductor that he accidentally fell on to the tracks. however, surveillance video shows otherwise. he admitted to investigators he did the stunt for fame. no word on whether he'll face any charges. >> how crazy is that? >> very lucky. >> absolutely ridiculous. what a difference a day makes. strong storms last night made way for better weather today. still hot out there. >> still hot. a little bit sticky out there. but the question is what can you expect this weekend? gary has your full forecast coming right up.
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you hard-core fafns, you know the stats of your favorite redskins players but what makes them tick and how do they like to spend their time away from football? dave feldman has more on one of the other receivers. >> reporter: we talked about malcolm kelly earlier and what he has to overcome to get on the field. now we're going to talk about one of the guys who came up with him and is trying to make a lasting impression on the new coaching staff. lindsay murphy joins me now with the story of one devon thomas. >> reporter: he's one of about 11 receivers trying to get a roster spot. i think out of those 11, santana moss is probably the only one guaranteed a spo. devon thomas is working hard and really doing a lot to impress coach soz far in this camp but he's -- coaches so far in this camp but he's got something to prove this year. what if is he like off the
5:45 pm
field? he's fast, flashy and fearless. and when devon thomas is in the game, it's always show time. devon enters his third season with the skins and is poised for a breakout year after scoring just three times last season. time to meet a performer both on and off the field. this is getting to know devon thomas, wide receiver for the washington redskins. any nicknames? >> yeah, i mean, i have a few but my main nickname is show time. >> reporter: which tattoo has the most meaning for you? >> it's kind of tough to say but between the one for my son on my chest and the one for my grandma on my arm. it's hard to say. >> reporter: your first job? >> my first job? it really was like a paper boy with my older brother. i was real little, probably six or seven. >> reporter: music you like to listen to before games? not fantasia, right? >> no, not fantasia. oh, man, i listen to little
5:46 pm
wayne and stuff. >> reporter: if you weren't in the n.f.l. , what would you be doing? >> hopefully acting or something. definitely. i definitely would like to be acting. >> reporter: your most embarrassing moment since you've been arrested? [ inaudible ] i was high stepping, jumping, pointing to the crowd. they like turn around. that was kind of embarrassing. >> reporter: who would play new a movie? >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: devon thomas is great. his first job was a paper boy but said his older brother would make him do all the work like run up and down from the houses. my first job was at a basketball camp. yours? >> i was a paper boy too. >> reporter: you have to talk to devon about it. maybe we can have a little tossing contest. >> >> reporter: he's also got a career off the field. does he want to do acting full- time? >> reporter: he's done some modeling. he would like to dabble in some acting. he's been in one video. maybe there's more in the future. good guy.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: multitalented. that will do it for this time at redskins park. coming up, joe gibbs speaks about russ grimm, the new hall of famer. we'll have that coming up. >> thank you. >> i didn't know you were a paper boy? >> reporter: yeah, i was. >> i was your competition on the other side of the bay. >> apparently a lot of people here were. >> what was your first job? >> i worked in a clothing store. >> what was your first job? >> i was a sacker at a grocery store. the first day i was a sacker, whole chickens were on for like 19 cents a pound. i'll never forget that day because everybody had like ten of them. i was dreaming chicken. >> do you pack your groceries well now when you go? >> pretty good. but i grew up packing my groceries in the brown paper bag, not the plastic bags. so it's a whole different type of technique. >> use the recycled bags.
5:48 pm
you can go back to old school. >> i don't do a whole lot of the grocery shopping but if i did and if i got those recycling bags action i probably would forget them or lose them. >> let's talk about what you won't forget. let's talk about the weather. the storms why yesterday, another picture like we needed another one from alexandria but look how impressive this is unfortunately. this is jefferson park. a tree right across suburban there or tahoe, an suv. we have numerous pictures like this all sent in on we're hoping power gets turned back on area wide, at least by the end of the weekend. all i can tell you is it's not growing to be so terribly humid tonight or tomorrow night. so at least if you're without power, you can open those windows and get a little bit of relief overnight tonight. the weekend is not going to be oppressive by any means. warm, yes, but not nearly as hot as it has been. gaithersburg 84 degrees. hagerstown 84. dulles 89 and quantico 90
5:49 pm
degrees. at 7:00 i think we're down in just about the middle 80s. great evening out there for a stroll or to be outside. fair skies at 9:00. 81 degrees. and 11:00 tonight temperature of about 78. overnight tonight temperatures will get down into the 60s for everybody. some lower 60s out in the suburbs. it's going to be drier. it's going to be a cooler weekend. drier in terms of relative humidity and drier in terms -- there's no storm threat it looks like through the weekend. a little bit more humid on sunday but not much. it might not even be noticeable for most of us till late, late in the day. the heat, the humidity, there's a stiewfling heat and humid -- stifling heat and humidity comes back next week. some of the guidance is suggesting next week we be right back in the upper 90s to maybe 100 degrees and that will give you an index well over 100 degrees. we're not going that warm yet. we'll watch is the next couple of days and see if it remains consistent. storms late next week. we probably should stay dry
5:50 pm
which is not necessarily a good thing. we got a lot of rain yesterday but a lot of that range left quickly. cooler air coming in. there's the front well down to the south of us being followed up by high pressure which contr us really, really nice conditions to be honest with you for the latter part of summertime. tropical storm colin is back. he reemerged yesterday. winds were 60 yesterday. has come down to about 45 miles per hour. it will stay just to the east of bermuda with potentially close to some hurricane force wind there is. they may have some hurricane gusts for bermuda tomorrow and into sunday. then it takes off and heads towards the north atlantic. it may brush by new foundland before it's all said and done. fair skies. comfortable lows tonight 68 in town. lower 60s in the suburbs. sunny skies tomorrow. not humid at all. high temperature gets up to 88 degrees. winds eventually will switch out of the southeast. that might bring the humidity levels up a little bit more for
5:51 pm
sunday. then the heat comes back. so we'll get a nice comfortable weekend. then it gets hot again next week. monday 93. tuesday 96. wednesday 95. wednesday, thursday probably the next best chance for some thunderstorms and hopefully those temperatures will stay in the i.d. mid-90s next week but they might creep up a bit. >> it's been a summer to remember. >> it's been a year to remember. >> that's right. >> thank you, gary. want to be in a movie? it appears transformers 3 is preparing to film in washington, d.c. this here is video of the movie being shot in chicago earlier this summer. the district office of motion picture and television development put a post on its website that the producers are looking for extras. no details yet on when or where they'll be shooting but you can fill out an application online to be an extra. you can go to our website we will link you to the application. now to the talk of the town on tmz. the white house party crashers backstage fight with whoopi goldberg.
5:52 pm
we hear the salahis are trying to make nice with "the view" moderator. >> i found this really interesting. this has been a huge deal on "the view" considering whoopi walked off. there was a lot of tension on set. they landed in d.c. and the cameraman got them out there and asked about the whole situation. are you upset at whoopi because she is not apologizing for anything that happened. they said no. we're fine. it's nothing but love. we're all good which i was really surprised to hear about. they really did not take it to heart. i think they're kind of striving off the amount of people that hate on them but that's keeping their name in the headline. >> they like their 15 minutes of fame that is for sure. so we know harvey is still on vacation. who is hosting the show tonight? >> we got in the wrestler john. cea in, hosted for harvey. did a great job. very, very funny guy. brought his own cup with his
5:53 pm
picture on it. he was throwing stuff at us, running back and forth. it was a funny show. i think harvey has a lot to live up to when he comes back. >> thank you so much. we'll see you here at 6:30 right here on fox 5. thank you. in just six minutes, tough questions for the power companies as thousands wait for their electricity to come back on. >> reporter: what do you think your reputation is right now? >> our reputation -- i know our customers have some questions. >> a power player at pepco responding as frustrations rise with every storm. plus, it's described as a horrific scene. four people found dead in a home filled with filth. the latest on this developing story at the top of the hour. and the drowning deaths of six teens in louisiana exposing a grim statistic. how a local group aims to bridge the swimming gap for minorities. it's all coming up next on the news edge at 6:00. -oh
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